HOYT Invicta 37 SVX – Compound Bow (PU-1pc)


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2020 HOYT Invicta 37 SVX – Compound bow The all-new INVICTA signals a major advancement in compound competition bows. Built with the longest, most stable riser platform, the fastest, smoothest limb and cam combinations, an all-new, patent-pending modular grip system for customized grip angle and draw length adjustments, an adjustable cable guard bar, StealthShot, and dual-locking rest holes, the INVICTA is built to win. And, with nearly 50% less vibration and noise, victory never felt so good. The all-new INVICTA. Like nothing you´ve ever experienced before. Key features: Longer and lighter weight riser design. Stable riser design for incredible aim and hold. Included, interchangeable grips offer a selection of angles and heights for the best fit and optimal pressure through the grip. Can also be used to shorten draw length to find the perfect spot. Quiet and smooth shot experience with extreme vibration removing design. Featuring Hoyt’s high performance SVX cam for a hard stop, smooth draw and fast arrow speeds. Adjustable, torque reducing cable guard design. Selection of attractive, satin finish, anodized colours options.